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Before you read on, please don't hesitate to call me personally for customized pricing options.  My packages and pricing are flexible! I can be reached at 252-229-0012.

Many different types of sessions are available to choose from. Session fees - in studio are $45 for 1/2 hr. session,1 person and 1 outfit.

$65 for 1 hour session with outfit and background changes. Each additional person add $10.

Location sessions fees start at $135 and vary with distance to location.

Portrait pricing- (all portraits are retouched and enhanced)

Wall portraits (natural color or black and white) range from $220 to $1898

Portrait Packages have flexible layouts and vary from $499 to $199 with several choices in between.  For example, my $299 package includes 5 units and 3 poses.  A unit can be either 1 8x10, or 2 5x7, or 4 4x5, or 8 wallets.  We design the layout together! 

Digital Packages are available starting at $200 for one file, $450 for five files, and $650 for 10 files.  These prices are discounted bu half if you first purchase a portrait package.

Specials - I usually have specials called "Quicktakes" throughout the year. These are mini sessions with $35.00 session fees and packages starting at $99.00 or $79.00 depending on theme. Themes such as "Black and White", "Elegant Tea Party", "Easter Quicktake", "Gone Fishing", "Carolina Christmas" and others. These are for children ONLY. Sign up for our newsletter to get details on these events.

Baby's First Year Plans and Panels are available at prices from $100 to $1059.